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Giants trade Skye Bolt back to the A’s

What goes around comes around, or something.

MLB: Colorado Rockies at San Francisco Giants D. Ross Cameron-USA TODAY Sports

Skye Bolt’s time on the other side of the Bay did not last long. Less than a month after claiming Bolt off of waivers from the Oakland A’s, the San Francisco Giants traded him ... to the A’s.

Switching teams has never made for an easier move for a player.

The Giants are receiving cash considerations in exchange for Bolt, who was designated for assignment last week. That isn’t a thrilling return, but when you consider that they got him for absolutely nothing, it constitutes as quality flipping. May we all be so lucky as to get something for free and sell it a month later for profit.

Reminds me of my friend who got Gamestop as his free stock when he signed up for Robinhood last year.

To make matters even funnier, Bolt spent most of the season at the Alternate Training Site, where the Giants only opponent was ... you guessed it ... the A’s. Soon he will learn that baseball exists outside of the Bay Area — it even spans the entire country, all the way over to the nation’s capital.

Bolt appeared in two games for the Giants, and struck out in his only plate appearance.