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Monday BP: Giants 10 days away from 85% vaccine threshold

On Thursday, May 13, the Giants will be able to ease coronavirus restrictions.

Arizona Diamondbacks v San Francisco Giants Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

Hello and happy Monday. I hope the week is off to a good start for you.

The San Francisco Giants are nearing an important threshold when it comes to team vaccinations. On Friday, manager Gabe Kapler said some members of the team had received their second round of vaccinations, and that the team was 13 days away from reaching a minimum of 85% vaccination rate. That means that today — assuming you’re reading this on Monday — they’re only 10 days away. Which means that on Thursday, May 13, the Giants will have reached the 85% mark.

Once the Giants reach that number (for Tier 1 employees, which is essentially everyone who might be in the dugout or clubhouse during a game, or traveling with the team), they’ll be able to loosen coronavirus restrictions. They’ll no longer be obligated to wear masks in the dugout or clubhouse, and they’ll be able to restore the bulk of communal clubhouse activities, like games and saunas. Indoor gatherings will be permitted, though limited to those who have been vaccinated.

The team will also be allowed to eat on flights and gather together to play games while traveling, and they’ll be permitted to eat at restaurants on the road. Family members are also allowed to rejoin the traveling party, presuming they are fully vaccinated.

In other words, the Giants are 10 days away from having life get a lot more comfortable.

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I hope your Monday is really great.