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Friday BP: A successful April comes to an end

The Giants have their best April since the before the World Series years.

Colorado Rockies v San Francisco Giants Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

Hello and happy Friday.

A programming note: there will not be a recap tonight, but I hope you enjoy the game.

The San Francisco Giants open up a series tonight against the San Diego Padres, and the first game will also be the last game of April.

Opening Day was on April 1, which means all of the Giants wins and losses so far have come in this month. So if they win tonight, they’ll have a 17-9 April record. A loss puts them at 16-10.

Here are the Giants last Aprils:

2019: 11-15
2018: 13-13
2017: 9-17
2016: 12-13
2015: 9-13
2014: 16-11
2013: 15-12
2012: 12-10
2011: 13-12
2010: 13-9

I stopped there because the beginning of the World Series run feels like a good cutoff for the modern era of Giants baseball. And win or lose tonight, the Giants will have had their best April of that era.

Seems good.

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What time do the Giants play today?

The Giants play the Padres tonight at 7:10 p.m.

Hope you all have a really nice Friday.