The Florida House of Fun and Horrors

Playing the Florida/Miami Marlins is like going into a "Fun House" at a County Fair. It's supposed to be fun, since fun is in its name, but it's mostly just weird. You go in, get lost in a few mazes, look at yourself in those mirrors which make you look short and fat or tall and skinny, needlessly go up and down unnecessary ramps, and emerge dazed and confused. Why do I go into those contraptions? They are never fun!

That's pretty much what it seems like for the Giants when they go into Florida.

When the Marlins are good, we get our hearts broken by umpires calling Livan Hernandez strikes 2 feet off the plate or Jeff Conine hitting home runs or Jose Cruz Jr dropping fly balls or Sidney Ponson melting down. Sure, it's fun watching JT Snow saving Darren Baker's life, but it's only foreshadowing for Snow getting gunned down at the plate to end the series after a 100 win season from us. It's supposed to be fun, but it's mostly just bizarre.

When the Marlins are bad it's even weirder. It seems like most years we go in there as the far better team, but get swept, and almost always in heartbreaking fashion. Blown leads, strange errors, unexplainable slumps. This year it was a late Marte Home Run in Game 1 and nearly all the runs scoring in Game 2 with 2 outs. 2 blown leads in the 9th and 10th, and, of course, when Brandon Belt does good things, they get negated by someone else's bad things, so all the talk radio callers can continue to talk about his body language and shlumpy shoulders. McGee had been lights out until the 9th inning of Game 2, but, of course, this is Florida.

And we nearly lost Posey for an extended period of time. But looks like it's just a few days. Plus, don't forget abour Jazz' blue hair. "We all see it." Again, it's supposed to be a fun house, but it's mostly just weird and painful.

So I guess we should be thrilled that we got one win out of it, and I kind of am. Tyler Rogers was stellar--again. Camilo Doval had a beautiful debut. And team Belt looks like he might be beginning one of his hot streaks.

And when it comes to the Florida Fun House, at least we don't have to go back again until next year.

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