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Monday BP: What’s your walk-up song?

Do you go for humor, artistry, or motivation?

Colorado Rockies v San Francisco Giants Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Hello and happy Monday. I hope it’s a great day for all you San Francisco Giants fans, and even for you non-Giants fans who accidentally wandered into this space.

I’ve been thinking about walk-up songs a bit lately, primarily for two reasons.

The first reason is that, during the Giants win on Saturday over the Colorado Rockies, I tweeted the following:

Thank you to the approximately 109 people who responded seriously. I’m sorry for wasting your time with my bad joke that you didn’t realize was a joke.

The second reason is because, also on Saturday, the world lost a tremendous artist: rapper DMX. Why does this make me think of walk-up songs? Because one of DMX’s hits — Ruff Ryders’ Anthem — is one of the all-time great pump-up songs, and I’m fairly certain that every high school basketball team from 1998 to 2010 used it as their warmup song at least once.

So I’m wondering: what would your walk-up song be, if you played on the Giants?

Would you go the humorous route, like Tyler Rogers, whose choice is “Yellow Submarine?” Would you opt for a classic song, such as your favorite 70s rock jam? Or would you go with the motivating song that gets your blood pumping — Brandon Crawford, for instance, almost always goes for a popular rap song, while Logan Webb apparently has chosen Mac Dre’s “Feelin’ Myself,” which ... look, if you asked me to match walk-up songs to players, I would not have made that connection.

Hit me with your best walk-up songs. Winner receives one free month of McCovey Chronicles Premium.

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What time do the Giants play today?

The Giants play the Reds at 6:45 p.m. PT today.

Have a wonderful Monday, all of you.