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Tuesday BP: Some Giants were recently vaccinated

With Arizona open for all to receive vaccinations, the Giants have been getting their shots.

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MLB: Colorado Rockies at San Francisco Giants Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Hello and happy Tuesday.

This time last year, the San Francisco Giants season was on indefinite hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic, which was just getting underway. The pandemic, unfortunately, continues to march on, but there are some lights at the end of the tunnel.

For the Giants, those lights are a return to a semi-normal baseball season, and some vaccinations.

The Giants Spring Training has been taking place in Arizona, where everyone 16 years or older is now eligible to receive a vaccination. And some Giants have done exactly that.

Speaking on Monday as the team wrapped up their Cactus League games, manager Gabe Kapler said that he was one of a group of Giants to receive a vaccination. He added that the team will consider adjusting playing time around vaccination schedules in case players have side effects.

It’s not clear how many Giants — or which specific players — have received their vaccination, but we do know that left-handed pitcher Caleb Baragar is one of them.

Here’s wishing all of you luck on getting your vaccine, having tolerable side effects, and having your loved ones get vaccinated.

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How many days until Opening Day?

There are two days until Opening Day. Where I come from, two is a small number.

Have a wonderful Tuesday.