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Saturday BP: Fangraphs releases their top 40 Giants prospects

More prospect rankings!

2021 San Francisco Giants Photo Day Photo by Austin Ginn/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Hello and happy Saturday. I hope you’re having a great day.

When it comes to San Francisco Giants prospect rankings, few days are more exciting — or terrifying, depending on the year — than when Fangraphs releases their rankings. And that day came on Friday, when the publication released their list of the top 40 prospects in the Giants system (if you’re wondering why Fangraphs ranked 40 Giants prospects but more or less from other organizations, it’s because they just do all the prospects in the system with a future value of 35+ or higher. The Giants had 37 such prospects this time last year.).

Fangraphs does thorough write-ups for all of the prospects, so it’s a very fun and informative read that you should check out. I especially encourage you to read the write-ups on Marco Luciano, Luis Matos, and Gregory Santos, so you can get very excited about life.

We recently reached the 40-player mark in the Community Prospect List, so it’s fun to compare the two lists. There are a lot of players that Fangraphs ranks much higher than the McCovey Chronicles community, and vice versa.

Fangraphs also included eight players in their top 40 that were not in the McCovey Chronicles CPL top 40: Prelander Berroa (No. 23), Dilan Rosario (No. 26), P.J. Hilson (No. 30), Esmerlin Vinicio (No. 33), Dedniel Nuñez (No. 35), Raffi Vizcaíno (No. 36), Jason Vosler (No. 37), and Cole Waites (No. 39).

Old, random MCC article for you to read

The Giants are four wins away from the World Series (Oct. 7, 2014 — Grant Brisbee)

How many days until Opening Day?

There are 19 days until Opening Day. My goodness that is not many at all. We are so very, very close.

Have a great Saturday, friends.