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Friday BP: MLB Pipeline’s top 30 Giants prospects

Marco Luciano is, obviously, at the top.

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2021 San Francisco Giants Photo Day Photo by Austin Ginn/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Hello and happy Friday.

On Thursday, MLB Pipeline released its list of the top 30 prospects in the San Francisco Giants organization. These are always fun, but doubly so when the Giants farm is exciting, which it is.

The top three are exactly as you would expect: Marco Luciano, Joey Bart, and Heliot Ramos, in that order. In fact, the top 10 is pretty much as you would expect, and was very similar to what we concocted in the Community Prospect List.

The highest movers up in the top 10, relative to our list, were Patrick Bailey (No. 6) and Luis Toribio (No. 10), who both finished two spots above where they were placed in the CPL. The biggest movers down were Luis Matos (No. 7) and Alexander Canario (No. 9), who were two spots lower than where we placed them.

As for the top 30, the highest mover up is Caleb Kilian (No. 30), who has not yet appeared on our CPL (we’ve voted on 40 prospects so far). The biggest mover down was Camilo Doval (No. 24), who finished eight spots lower than in the CPL.

Prospects! What fun.

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Have a wonderful Friday.