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Tuesday BP: Baseball reporter Pedro Gomez has died

The famed baseball reporter died on Sunday.

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San Francisco Giants v Oakland Athletics

Hello and happy Tuesday.

It’s a sad week for baseball. On Sunday, it was announced that ESPN’s Pedro Gomez, a titan of baseball reporting, had unexpectedly died at the age of 58. Baseball fans will remember Gomez from his MLB coverage on SportsCenter and on nationally-televised games. San Francisco Giants fans will remember Gomez from his time covering Barry Bonds’ chase for the all-time home run record. And while Bonds and Gomez seemed to ruffle each other’s feathers, few reporters ever seemed to elicit such human responses from the home run king.

Gomez was a tremendous reporter, skilled with both a pen and microphone. His love of baseball always shone through in his work. He’ll be missed by everyone who loves baseball, and his contributions to the sport won’t be forgotten.

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How many days until Opening Day?

There are 51 days until Opening Day. 51! Yeesh.

Have a great Tuesday, all of you.