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Monday BP: Are you happy or sad that Trevor Bauer is on the Dodgers?

The Dodgers got a really good player who everyone hates.

Pittsburgh Pirates v Cincinnati Reds - Game Two Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

Hello and happy Monday. I hope you enjoyed your weekend, and the Super Bowl. That sure was a great game, wasn’t it, he says as he writes this on Saturday.

By now you, loyal San Francisco Giants fan, surely know the big NL West news of last week: reigning NL Cy Young winner Trevor Bauer signed a deal with the defending champion Los Angeles Dodgers. It’s a massive deal that will pay Bauer $85 million over the next two years, with a $17 million player option for the third and final year.

There are a few ways for Giants fans to look at this:

  1. The Dodgers, who you hate so much, just got the best free agent on the market, and are now even better than they were before.
  2. The Dodgers, who the Giants aren’t going to contend with in the next few years anyway, just signed a player that you probably dislike intensely, and now you can dislike the team even more.
  3. The Dodgers just committed $85 million over two years to a player who looks primed for regression, what silly fish.
  4. The Dodgers just committed $85 million over two years in the pursuit of getting better, wow, wish the Giants would do that.

Choose your fighter(s), Giants fans.

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Have a great Monday.