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Wednesday BP: Can Kevin Gausman make a leap?

Gausman was sensational in 2020. Will he be better in 2021?

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Colorado Rockies v San Francisco Giants Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Hello and happy Wednesday.

Kevin Gausman was sensational for the San Francisco Giants in 2020. And yet when he signed with the team, he specifically mentioned that he wanted the learning experience that would come from pitching to and with Buster Posey, who opted out of the season. And when the year concluded, he praised the Giants coaching staff for helping him improve his game.

On the one hand, logic would dictate that a 30 year old pitcher coming off the best year of their career probably isn’t going to get better. On the other hand, he’ll actually get to work with Posey this year, and he’ll get a second season of working with the coaching staff — this time under slightly more normal conditions.

So can he take another leap, from high quality starter to ace?

Spring Training performance should be taken with a three-pound box of Diamond Crystal kosher salt (which they sell at Costco and I highly recommend), but the reports from Scottsdale all seem to point towards Gausman improving on his career year, rather than regressing from it.

Just look at some of the feedback from teammates and coaches:

And just for good measure, some video:

A repeat of his 2020 performance, over a 162-game season, would be a big win for the Giants. But can Gausman do one better?

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There are 36 days until Opening Day. So few. And yet ... so many.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, friends.