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Sunday BP: Will Clark’s jersey retirement postponed to 2022

The former Giants star will have his jersey retired with a full house.

Cleveland Indians v San Francisco Giants Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

Hello and happy Sunday.

The San Francisco Giants have been wanting to retire Will Clark’s jersey, but it looks like they’ll wait until 2022 to do so. Giants executive vice president of business operations Mario Alioto was recently on KNBR and told the radio station that, “We talked to Will the other day, and we’re most likely going to wait until 2022. We want to make sure we have a full house with 100 percent capacity.”

It certainly makes sense. A jersey retirement with only a few fans in the stadium seems silly, especially for a player like Clark, who has quite a personality.

The first baseman played eight of his 15 MLB seasons with the Giants, and during that time made the All-Star team five times, won the Silver Slugger Award twice, won a Gold Glove Award, and finished top five in MVP voting four times.

The Giants haven’t made a habit of retiring the jerseys of players not in the Hall of Fame, but perhaps this marks the start of it.

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How many days until Opening Day?

There are 39 days until Opening Day. We’re in the 30s, folks.

Have a spectacular Sunday, one and all.