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Wednesday BP: Pitchers and catchers report in one week

San Francisco Giants baseball is almost back.

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MLB: JUL 06 Giants Summer Camp Photo by Bob Kupbens/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Hello and happy Wednesday.

The next time I say those four words, pitchers and catchers will be reporting for the San Francisco Giants.

That’s really exciting. Also a little bit terrifying.

It seems like just yesterday that the 2020 season was wrapping up, and yet it also feels like at least one decade ago, and maybe two. Time is weird in 2021, as it was in 2020.

Anyway, pitchers and catchers report in a week. Feel as positively or negatively about that as you will.

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How many days until Opening Day?

There are 50 days until Opening Day. 50. 5-0. Five zero. Fifty. Wowzers.

Have a great Wednesday, friends.