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Wednesday/Thursday BP: Alex Wood thinks Barry Bonds should be in the Hall of Fame

Wood took to social media to advocate for Bonds to finally make it into the Hall of Fame on his final attempt.

MLB: Colorado Rockies at San Francisco Giants Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, baseball fans!

We’re back it in lockout mode again this morning, which means more Hall of Fame chatter! Since there’s not exactly a ton of San Francisco Giants news going on right now.

Alex Wood may be a former Los Angeles Dodgers player, but he sure knows the way to endear himself to San Francisco fans. Wood recently took to Twitter to argue for Barry Bonds to be in the Hall of Fame, writing:

“Why does it matter if you were tied to steroids officially or not? There’s certainly guys already in the HOF that took steroids it doesn’t take a genius to see that. Barry Bonds should be in the HOF and I really don’t think there’s an argument to keep him out imho (in my humble opinion).”

And in my also humble opinion, he’s not wrong. Bonds was the best player of his generation. In a generation where the best players were almost all also using performance enhancing substances. That can be said about a lot of people in the Hall of Fame already. They just didn’t have a House Oversight Committee investigation centered on them.

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