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Monday/Tuesday BP: Klay Thompson is the Giants’ best hype man

Thompson did an Instagram live stream on Friday wearing a Captain Belt hat and it was the best thing on the internet this weekend.

Los Angeles Dodgers v San Francisco Giants Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Good morning, baseball fans!

I wouldn’t call Golden State Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson a San Francisco Giants fan, per se. But he is a noted fan of sports, from baseball to Olympic swimming, we’ve seen Thompson in the stands, or even in McCovey Cove itself, hyping up teams he cares about.

Swimming - Olympics: Day 4
Thompson is seen here cheering on Michael Phelps during the 2016 Olympics
Photo by Jean Catuffe/Getty Images

Those teams are varied and seemingly conflicted, as Thompson has been spotted at Oakland Athletic games (naturally) and at Los Angeles Dodgers games (which makes sense, he grew up a Dodgers fan and his brother used to play for them briefly). But that’s okay. Because Thompson is such a likeable person that it doesn’t really matter.

Thompson did an Instagram live feed on Friday from his boat, in which he was spotted in a Giants branded captain’s hat, clearly a nod to Captain Belt. During part of the stream, he is seen dancing to E-40, and pointing at Oracle Park, calling out “That’s the house that Barry built!” a few times. And it was delightfully charming.

When Buster Posey retired, I posted about how he and Stephen Curry have very similar career paths. And I would say that kind of cross-sport Bay Area comparison applies to Thompson and Brandon Belt as well, in my personal opinion.

Thompson has always been really good, but has always played kind of in the shadow of Curry, the superstar of the team. Which works for them, they’re an excellent duo. Like Belt, Thompson has an unfortunate history of really cruddy injury luck, and he also has somewhat of a reputation for being streaky. Shooting cold for a few games, before going ham and breaking a scoring record a couple of games later.

So for me, seeing Thompson sporting the Captain Belt hat was definitely the best thing on the internet this weekend.

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