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Weekend BP: Jacob Cruz hired as assistant hitting coordinator

The Giants are bringing back their first round pick from 1994.

Jacob Cruz...

Due to MLB’s lockout, the San Francisco Giants are not allowed to make moves impacting the 40-man roster. But they can make moves regarding the people who will be working with the 40-man roster, so in that sense they’re still allowed to impact it.

On Friday, Fansided’s Robert Murray reported that the Giants had hired former MLB outfielder Jacob Cruz as their assistant hitting coordinator.

Cruz was the Giants first-round pick back in 1994, and made his MLB debut with the team in 1996. He was traded during the 1998 season, and his playing career lasted until 2005. After working in the Minor Leagues for a while, Cruz joined the Pittsburgh Pirates as an assistant hitting coach in 2019, then spent the last two seasons occupying the same role with the Milwaukee Brewers.

And now he’s back in San Francisco, where it all started.

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How many days until pitchers and catchers report?

I think it’s time to retire this series, but in theory, the Giants pitchers and catchers report in 75 days.

Or something.

Happy weekend, friends.