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Friday BP: Giants New Year’s Resolutions

What are some resolutions you would make for the Giants in 2022? Real or silly, let’s hear them!

MLB: JUN 25 Athletics at Giants

Good morning, baseball fans!

It’s New Year’s Eve, and thus the time when we reflect on the year that was, look forward to the year to come (which we did earlier this week) and make plans for how we can make the next year better, for both ourselves and others.

So what are some New Year’s resolutions you’d make for the 2022 San Francisco Giants? They can be real, or silly. Personally, I would like for Brandon Belt to continue being very good and re-sign with the team after next season. I would like Buster Posey to visit a few times, and heck, let’s go nuts, maybe sit in on a broadcast or two and roast his former teammates with that dry humor we’ll miss so much.

I would like for Tim Lincecum to show up for the 2012 World Series reunion. I want Logan Webb to continue to be an amazing pitcher and for the rest of the league to hold off on figuring him out for a while (or ever). And mostly, I just want a healthy team who goes out there and does their best to try to replicate the success they’ve had over the last couple of seasons.

And also to beat the Dodgers.

What about you?

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How many days has it been since the owners chose to lock out the players?

It has now been 31 days since the lockout began, but we can get back to being mad about that in the new year.

Happy New Year, everyone! See you in 2022!