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Monday/Tuesday BP: Should the Giants be interested in Clayton Kershaw?

Cons: Lots of red flags about his health. Pros: It would be hilarious.

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Los Angeles Dodgers v San Francisco Giants - Game One Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Good morning, baseball fans!

Our former fearless leader/current pot-stirrer at The Athletic, Grant Brisbee, recently wrote about why the San Francisco Giants should/shouldn’t be interested in Clayton Kershaw, once these things are allowed to be considered in an official capacity again.

It’s a good piece, I recommend giving it a read, but his argument for this kind of boils down to the following bullet points. (I can’t do quotes and keep the bullet points, but attribute this to Grant nonetheless)

  • He’s still effective when he pitches
  • More effective than you might be giving him credit for
  • His supreme pitchability should keep him effective for years
  • It would be funny

As Grant also points out, there are a ton of red flags with regards to Kershaw’s health. There’s also the fact that the Los Angeles Dodgers hadn’t already locked down a deal with him before the lockout. Most teams were aggressive about getting these kinds of deals done for their star players or top tier free agents, and Kershaw checks both boxes, but remains a free agent. Which could mean any number of things, but the paranoid among us might choose to believe that means the Dodgers know something about his arm that has them holding off.

But if the Giants could be somewhat certain they would get a solid season of starts from him, and somehow were able to snatch him from the jaws of the Dodgers organization (the most unlikely scenario of them all), it would be an epic troll job. Just exactly the kind of comedic “what if”-ism to keep us warm during these long, cold, winter lockout months and I, for one, am here for the thought of Clayton Kershaw in a Giants uniform. In the regular season.

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