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Weekend BP: Watch Camilo Doval’s season highlights

The Giants rookie reliever burst on the scene in 2021.

NLDS: LA Dodgers vs. San Francisco Giants

Programming note: Today’s BP will run for the entire weekend.

Not many people would have guessed, when the 2021 season began, that the San Francisco Giants would end up commemorating the tremendous season that Camilo Doval had. And they really wouldn’t have guessed that in late May, when Doval was optioned a month after his MLB debut, having allowed 11 hits, 6 walks, and 9 earned runs in 10.2 innings.

But the young fire-throwing reliever returned towards the end of the season and suddenly looked like the best reliever in baseball, allowing just 8 hits, 3 walks, and 0 runs in 16.1 innings, with 24 strikeouts.

And so it became that Doval grew into such an important and exciting part of the Giants that the team needed to make a highlight package of him when the season ended. Which I recommend we all watch right now.

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Hope you all have a lovely weekend.