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Skye Bolt

Here’s a person who played for the Giants this year.

MLB: Colorado Rockies at San Francisco Giants D. Ross Cameron-USA TODAY Sports

Skye Bolt had one plate appearance for the San Francisco Giants in 2021. He struck out in that plate appearance, but apparently looked pretty good doing so (shoutout to Michael Jordan in Space Jam), because that was enough to bump Bolt’s price. After the Giants claimed him off of waivers from the Oakland A’s, they were able to trade him back to the A’s for cash, a commodity the A’s part with about as eagerly as I do with oysters.

Here’s a complete list of Giants position players since 2000 to have exactly one plate appearance in a season:

Skye Bolt (2021)
Aaron Altherr (2019)
Ryan Rohlinger (2011)
Kevin Frandsen (2008)
Justin Knoedler (2004)
Trey Lunsford (2003)

Welcome to a hallowed group of Giants legends, Skye.

Bolt may not have done anything while with the Giants, but he still helped them win games, by hitting just 1-9 with a pair of strikeouts against them. Good Giant.

That’s pretty much all I’ve got.

When the Giants claimed Bolt off of waivers he was an awesome name and they had a losing record, with dreams of .500, and space to take chances on players. When they traded him he was a person with unearthed social media posts not worth looking at, and they were 18-12, and suddenly harboring dreams of winning games instead of just finding diamonds in the rough.

Things change.

Role in 2022

Playing somewhere that is not in the Giants organization.

Grade: Sure, whatever