Giants/Dodgers Comparison


Giants lineup is a bit hard to predict given all the moving parts. I'm also assuming that Duggar will make the team and start v RHP. That said, here are my guesses

Betts V La Stella/Ruf

Betts has had a down year by his standards, but he still put up a .367 ob with 23 hrs. Big advantage for LA v RHSP, but Ruf actually has better numbers than Betts v LHSP and, actually Ruf's numbers v RHP are very similar to Betts overall numbers for the season.

Advantage LA as both teams will start 3 RHSP.

Seager v Wade/Bryant

Seager's numbers are better across the board. Bryant, surprisingly, has been better v RHP for the Giants. Seager is actually a little backward. Wade slumped badly at the end of the season going 2 for his last 27. The Giants will need him to find his stroke in the postseason.

Big advantage to LA

T. Turner/ Posey

Turner led the league in hitting and was nearly a 30/30 guy. Posey has been very good in part-time play and has a light OB advantage. Turner has hit well v LHP and his RH splits are basically the same as Posey's overall season. Then again, Posey is also much better v LHP so....

Slight advantage to LA

J Turner Crawford/ Longo

Turner is backwards but not extremely so. Giants are platooning here (for good reason) and their splits are much better both ways.

Advantage to Giants albeit with some platoon vulnerability.

Smith Bryant/Crawford

Another backward Dodger. He is much better v RHP. Crawford wasn't great v LHP

Bryant was as good as Smith v RHP for the Giants. Crawford is about the same v LHP.

This one is hard to predict because Bryant's splits changed when he came over.

We'll call it even.

Pollock Yaz/Slater

Pollock had his best season since 2015. Another backward split, but not by much. Yaz hit for power, but that's about it and hit much better v rhp. Slater is similar to Pollock v LHP, but, again, isn't good v RHP.

Advantage LA

Beaty/Pujols Longo/ Flores

Beaty, is also backwards in an, admittedly, SSS. His slash v RHP .261



Pujols .294 .336 .603

Longo's split v RHP .241



Flores v LHP .288 .336 .468

Slight Advantage LA

Bellinger/Taylor Duggar/solano

Bellinger has been awful at the plate. Taylor has been good v LHP

Solano has been .301 .344 .478 v lhp Duggar .262 .328 .458 v rhp

Advantage SF


Big Advantage LA – 1

Adv LA - 2

Slight Adv LA – 1

Advantage SF - 2

Even – 1

Overall - Definite advantage to LA, although, the Dodgers only scored 26 more runs than the Giants for the entire season. If Dickerson or Ruf play v RHP instead of Duggar then the gap at the plate closes a bit.


Giants have a deep, albeit, splitty bench. LA has several guys hitting below .220.

Advantage SF


C- Posey has thrown out 31% to 25% and is renown for stealing strikes. Advantage SF

1b – Don’t' know much about Beaty, but Pujols has NO range. Probably slight advantage to SF

2b – Theoretically Turner is a better fielder, but his lack of 2b experience makes this closer than it should be. Still, slight advantage to LA

SS – This one isn't close, big advantage to the Giants

3b – This one also isn't close. Turner is average at best. Longo is well above average still.

LF – Pollock isn't the fielder he once was but is still much better than Ruf and also better than Bryant. If Wade plays LF it's a lot closer. Still, Adv LA

CF – Duggar and Bellinger are close. As are Taylor and Slater – Even

RF – Betts is better than Yaz and Bryant. Advantage LA

Summary - Giant have advantages at C, SS, 3b. LA LF and RF. The rest are pretty even. Slight fielding advantage to SF. Obviously if Ruf or Dickerson are playing then the D takes a hit for SF. If Ruf is at first and Wade in LF it's not quite as big of a hit.


Buehler v Webb

Tough to call this one in some ways. Buehler's entire season is better BUT, since May 11, Webb has been better and Buehler's numbers did drop, slightly, after the sticky stuff ban.


Urias v Gausman

Numbers are very close with Urias in the slight lead. Gausman's numbers were off the charts at the beginning of the season. Did he find the magic again in his last two starts?

Urias hit a rough patch from May 29-July 21 (4.29 ERA) but similarly has been good the last couple of times out.


Scherzer v Disco

I'm assuming Disco will pitch this game, but it could be Wood.

Scherzer was MUCH better for LA than Washington. Opposite of Gausman he stunk up the joint his last two regular season starts (8.71 ERA). He pitched through traffic in the WC game but was hardly dominating. The question is which Scherzer is LA going to get?

Disco was very good in September even against LA who had beat him up early in the season.

So, how do you call this one? Recency bias causes us to give the Giants a slight advantage

Gonsolin v Wood

Wood has been outstanding in his three starts since he returned from the IL. Yeah, that's a SSS.

Gonsolin is the likely fourth starter but it wouldn't be surprising to see it turn into a bullpen game for both squads. Gonsolin wasn't that great at the end of the season.

Slight advantage LA

Buehler v Webb/Gausman

See above

Surprisingly, I would give SF a slight advantage in the starters.


Pens are close. The two teams went 1-2 in ERA. Giants walk fewer, LA K's more. Both teams finished with 56 saves. Giants will likely have one more LHRP than the Dodgers. Giants have a slightly better WHIP. Giants have better lh/rh balance. LA is very righthanded.

Even, maybe a slight advantage to SF for better lh/rh balance.


Well Roberts has the experience, but he's never impressed in the playoffs. Kapler is an unknown and still a relatively inexperienced manager overall. Not sure you can really give either side an advantage here.


As you might (or might not if you're the National Media) expect, the teams are pretty close. The Dodgers have a better first 8, but the Giants are deeper and have better fielding. The rotations, when you look at everything, aren't all that different and neither are the pens.

I fully expect that the series will be decided late in game five by one team or the other. After all the season series finished 10-9 (Giants) with a 2 run scoring differential (LA) in the 19 games.

Expect to be nervous and have an upset stomach over the next week! Get your Pepcid and Tums now before the stores run out.

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