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Saturday BP: Brian Sabean is reportedly gunning for the Mets job

The former Giants GM could be moving on.

San Francisco Giants Victory Parade, 2014 World Series Set Number: X158892 TK1

Brian Sabean has quite the resume, highlighted by building three World Series champion San Francisco Giants teams. And now he might be adding to his resume elsewhere.

According to a report from Deesha Thosar of the NY Daily News, Sabean is greatly interested in the Mets open Director of Baseball Operations position.

A source close to Sabean confirmed to the Daily News that he very much would like another challenge in his life. He’s going stir crazy in San Francisco with essentially nothing to do (in the role of a special assistant) with the Giants. But the real attraction for Sabean would be the fact that it’s New York and it’s the Mets, the source said. Unlike Billy Beane, who was reluctant to uplift his family and roots from the West Coast to New York City, the source close to Sabean said he would do it in a heartbeat if the Mets offered him the job.

It’s early days in the Mets search and in the ensuing rumors, so it’s worth noting that Thosar reports that the Mets have not reached out to Sabean, and that they have some hesitation about hiring an older veteran of the game, rather than a younger, new school leader for the front office.

Still, Sabean’s past speaks for himself, and will likely earn him a phone call if he wants one. He served as Giants GM from 1997 to 2014, then was promoted to Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations, where he stayed until Farhan Zaidi took over in 2018. Sabean has been serving as a special assistant to the Giants front office since then.

Thosar also noted that if New York hires Sabean then “the Mets would also be likely to get another Hall of Famer in Bruce Bochy,” which seems a touch speculative, but wouldn’t be shocking, either.

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