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Wednesday BP: Minor League season to be delayed below AAA

Teams in AA and below will have to wait until MLB and AAA players have left camp before they can get started.

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Aguilas de Mexicali v. Scottsdale Scorpions Photo by Jill Weisleder/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Hello and happy Wednesday.

On Tuesday, it was reported that Spring Training will start late for Minor Leaguers below the AAA level, presumably to limit potential coronavirus spread. Minor Leaguers at the AA level or below will begin their Spring Training only after the MLB and AAA players have finished theirs.

This will impact every team, and that includes the San Francisco Giants, who have a lot of prospects who could start 2021 at either AA or AAA. This news might force the Giants to put many of them at the higher level, and get them on the field sooner.

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How many days until Opening Day?

There are 85 days until Opening Day.

Have a sensational Wednesday, friends.