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Sunday BP: Is Tomoyuki Sugano the move?

The Giants are interested in the right-hander, but is he the right move?

World Baseball Classic - Championship Round - Game 2 - United States v Japan Photo by Masterpress/Getty Images

Hello and happy Sunday.

According to a recent report, the San Francisco Giants are one of three teams known to be interested in signing right-handed pitcher Tomoyuki Sugano, who is being posted.

Sugano is coming off a dynamic season in the Japan Central League, where he had a 1.97 ERA, a 0.888 WHIP, and 131 strikeouts to 25 walks in 137.1 innings.

He’s also 31 years old.

It’s unclear how his skillset will translate to MLB hitters, but it seems more than likely that he would upgrade the Giants rotation, which figures to be pretty rugged in 2021. But is it worth doling out what will likely be eight figures annually (plus an additional 20% in the posting fee) for an unproven player that age, when the Giants are likely still a few years away from contending?

I want them to, because it’s not my money and it would be fun. But it’s a question worth asking.

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I hope you have a swell Sunday.