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Wednesday BP: Salem-Keizer Volcanoes join a four-team indy league

The former Giants affiliate is staying in baseball.

Minor League Baseball - A Look Inside Single A Ball Photo by Christopher Morris/Corbis via Getty Images

Hello and happy Wednesday.

It was recently revealed that the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes, who had been the San Francisco Giants class-A affiliate since 1997, would no longer be a part of Minor League Baseball, due to the massive Minor League restructuring that gutted dozens of teams.

But thankfully there will still be baseball in Salem-Keizer, as the Volcanoes announced that they are joining Mavericks League, which will be a four-team independent baseball league.

More baseball is good. Baseball in Salem-Keizer is very good, as it’s a historic spot with a great fanbase and a gorgeous stadium.

It’s not the Giants anymore, but it’s still baseball. So road trip there in 2027 when the world is open up again.

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How many days until Opening Day?

There are 64 days until Opening Day. Or so they tell me.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, all of you.