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Monday BP: Predict the 2022 lineup

Who will be on the Giants next year?

Colorado Rockies v San Francisco Giants Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Hello and happy Monday. And happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Recently Baseball America released a fun, albeit silly exercise that they do every year: try to predict lineups many years in advance. They put in their prediction for what the San Francisco Giants lineup will look like in 2024, which I suggest you read, because it’s a good time, even if it will look ridiculous in three years.

But it made me curious: what about the 2022 lineup? That’s not far away! In fact, there are only 162 Giants games between now and then.

It’s a particularly interesting exercise with the Giants, since they only have one player, third baseman Evan Longoria, under contract in 2022. They do, however, have plenty of players under team control, including Mike Yastrzemski, and have three players (Buster Posey, Johnny Cueto, and Wilmer Flores) who have team options for 2022.

In all likelihood, the Giants 2022 lineup will feature a good number of players from the 2020 season, a good number of current prospects, and a good number of people who aren’t yet on the roster.

So what will the lineup be? Leave you predictions in the comments, and don’t ask for mine, because this is a silly and ridiculous exercise and I don’t wanna partake in it.

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How many days until Opening Day?

There are 73 days until Opening Day.

Have a wonderful Monday, all of you. That’s an order.