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Wednesday BP: Duane Kuiper wins NSMA California Sportscaster of the Year

And deservedly so.

San Francisco Giants Victory Parade Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Hello and happy Wednesday.

On Monday it was announced that San Francisco Giants play-by-play TV broadcaster Duane Kuiper had won the National Sports Media Association’s award for California Sportscaster of the Year. He tied for the award with Ted Leitner, who does radio for the San Diego Padres, while Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times was awarded top sportswriter in the state.

Kuiper obviously deserves this award, and all awards really, though it’s a little bit jarring to see him share an award with someone who isn’t Mike Krukow. It’s just not quite right.

Either way, congrats, Kuip. You’re the best.

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Have a tremendous Wednesday.