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Thursday BP: RIP Tom Seaver

The baseball legend died on Wednesday.

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Tom Seaver

Hello and happy Thursday.

Usually this space — and by this “space” I mean this “website” — is reserved for San Francisco Giants news. But it’s time to talk about someone who didn’t ever play for the Giants: Tom Seaver.

Seaver spent 20 years in the big leagues, most memorably with the New York Mets. He won the Cy Young Award three times, and was selected to 12 All-Star teams. And on Monday, at the age of 75, the Fresno, California, native died.

His passing was confirmed on Wednesday, with the baseball Hall of Fame saying that the inductee died from complications of Lewy body dementia and COVID-19, ESPN reported.

Rest in peace, Tom. Hopefully there are many baseball fields there.

Did Barry Bonds hit a home run today?

But of course he did.

September 3, 1995: Against the New York Mets, Bonds hit a solo home run in the 5th inning off of Bobby Jones. It tied the game 6-6, but the Giants would lose 11-6. It was his 27th homer of the year.

September 3, 2001: Against the Colorado Rockies, Bonds hit a solo home run in the 4th inning off of Jason Jennings. It cut the Giants deficit to 2-1, and they would lose 4-1. It was his 58th homer of the year.

September 3, 2004: Against the Arizona Diamondbacks, Bonds hit a 2-run home run in the 2nd inning off of Edgar Gonzalez, scoring Deivi Cruz. It gave the Giants a 9-3 lead, and they would win 18-7. It was his 39th homer of the year.

September 3, 2006: Against the Chicago Cubs, Bonds hit a solo home run in the 8th inning off of Les Walrond. It gave the Giants a 6-3 lead, and they would win 7-4. It was his 21st homer of the year.

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Have a wonderful Thursday, one and all.