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Hunter Pence came to McCovey Cove on the first day of retirement

Welcome back, Hunter.

On Saturday, San Francisco Giants legend, two-time champion, four-time All-Star, and 14-year MLB veteran Hunter Pence retired from baseball.

In a touching video statement announcing the news, Pence said, among other things, the following:

I’m looking forward to being a Giants fan now. After every Giants win we’re lucky enough to hear “I Left My Heart in San Francisco;” know that my heart will always be in San Francisco.

He was not lying. One day after announcing his retirement, Pence showed up in McCovey Cove, cheering on the Giants from as close as fans are allowed to get.

Pence didn’t exactly need to do anything to cement his status as one of the most beloved Giants in franchise history.

But showing up in McCovey Cove, on the first day of retirement — a few weeks after being designated for assignment by the Giants, no less — to wear Giants memorabilia and hold a “Let’s Go Giants” sign would endear him to any San Francisco fan who didn’t already love him, if such a ridiculous thing hypothetically existed.