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Tuesday BP: Jeff Samardzija?

The starter might be returning on Friday.

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San Francisco Giants Photo Day Photo by Rob Tringali/Getty Images

Hello and happy Tuesday.

The San Francisco Giants need to do very well over their final seven games to make the postseason. And they may have to turn to someone they haven’t seen in a while: Jeff Samardzija.

The Giants final seven games happen over the course of six days, with a doubleheader against the San Diego Padres.

And Samardzija, who hasn’t pitched since Aug. 7, could be called on for one of those games.

That would certainly be ... dramatic.

Did Barry Bonds hit a home run?

What, did you expect me to say no?

September 22, 1997: Against the San Diego Padres, Bonds hit a solo home run in the 9th inning off of Will Cunnane. It gave the Giants an 11-5 lead, which was the final score. It was his 38th homer of the year.

September 22, 1998: Against the Pittsburgh Pirates, Bonds hit a 2-run home run in the 2nd inning off of Jon Lieber, scoring Marvin Benard. It gave the Giants a 7-0 lead, and they would win 14-2. It was his 36th homer of the year.

September 22, 2006: Against the Milwaukee Brewers, Bonds hit a 3-run home run in the 6th inning off of Chris Spurling, scoring Randy Winn and Shea Hillenbrand. It gave the Giants an 11-10 lead, but they would lose 13-12. It was his 25th homer of the year.

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Have a wonderful Tuesday, friends.