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Alex Dickerson placed on the Paternity List

Wandy Peralta and Daniel Robertson were recalled.

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at San Francisco Giants Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

If you’ve read as much as one article on this website, you’ve probably heard me utter the phrase “some things are more important than baseball.” It’s a common refrain, and 2020 has forced me to use it about as much as 2020 has forced me to use wine.

One of the many things that’s more important than baseball is family. And outfielder Alex Dickerson is adding to his.

The San Francisco Giants placed Dickerson on the Paternity List on Saturday, as he and his wife prepare to welcome a new member to their family.

The team also optioned left-handed pitcher Andrew Suárez, while recalling left-handed pitcher Wandy Peralta and utility player Daniel Robertson.

Suárez and Peralta continue to do the roster dance. The former was called up on Friday to replace the latter, who was optioned after pitching 3 innings on Thursday. But Suárez had to pitch 2.2 innings on Friday, so the team was going to look for moves to make to keep the bullpen fresh.

Dickerson’s placement on the Paternity List opened up such an opportunity. Because Peralta — who has been quite good this year — was optioned on Thursday, he wouldn’t be eligible for a standard call up until the postseason. Optioned players have to stay in the Minor Leagues (or in this case the Alternate Training Site) for 10 days, to keep teams from doing the endless roster shuffle that keeps bullpens fully fresh.

But Peralta was eligible to return if it was replacing someone who was placed on a list, such as the Paternity List, so the Giants used the loophole to bring him back.

Until Dickerson returns, the Giants outfield depth will be tested, especially since Mike Yastrzemski is day-to-day with a calf strain. But again: some things are more important than baseball.

Congratulations to the Dickerson family.