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MLB’s postseason bubble is set

The playoff schedule is set, and it takes place in bubbles.

Arizona Diamondbacks v San Francisco Giants Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

Don’t look now, but the MLB postseason is right around the corner. And don’t look now (actually, what am I talking about, do look now), but the San Francisco Giants currently occupy the second Wild Card spot in the eight-team National League field.

On Tuesday, MLB finalized their postseason schedule, and it’s going to take place in a bubble. MLB didn’t take the bubble approach for the regular season, opting to play games at home stadiums rather than put all the teams and players together like in the NBA and WNBA.

But that’s changing for the postseason.

The playoffs start on Sept. 29, with four bubbles: Arlington, Texas; Houston Texas; San Diego, California; and Los Angeles, California.

Should the Giants hold position and make the postseason, they’ll begin play on Sept. 30, when all four NL series kick off. They’ll play again on Oct. 1 and, if a third game is needed (the Wild Card round is best of three), it will take place on Oct. 2. All of the NL games take place at the Texas locations.

If the Giants advance (it is an even year, after all), the best of five NLDS begins on Oct. 6, and runs every day until the series is concluded, with a final possible date of Oct. 10.

The best of seven NLCS starts on Oct. 12, and also runs every day, with a final possible date of Oct. 18. Finally, the World Series (in Arlington) kicks off of Oct. 20, and has off-days after the second and fifth games, with a final possible date of Oct. 28.

Buckle up.