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Member of Giants organization tested positive for the coronavirus

The Giants game against the Padres was postponed as a result.

San Francisco Giants v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

The San Francisco Giants scheduled game against the San Diego Padres on Friday night was postponed after a member of the Giants organization tested positive for the coronavirus.

The Giants did not reveal who in the organization tested positive, or who that person had been in contact with. At this point it’s unknown if the positive case is a member of the staff or a player.

Update: Per multiple reports, it is a player.

The status of the four-game series is currently unclear, but Saturday’s game has been postponed as well.

It was a weird scene at Petco Park in San Diego. Both teams were on the field, all ready for first pitch. But at the last minute, Giants trainer Dave Groeschner emerged from the clubhouse to speak with manager Gabe Kapler.

Kapler then went onto the field to talk with the umpires, who were seen on a phone call, presumably with the league office. The game was postponed, but no reason given why, and the teams stayed on the field lingering.

It wasn’t hard to put two and two together, but was still a bizarre scene to watch unfold. Finally the teams announced that a positive test result had been the reason for the postponement.

The positive test comes on the heels of MLB announcing that more than 11,000 tests had been administered in the last week, with zero cases of the virus. It also marks the first time an NL West team has had a positive result since the season started, and the Giants first positive result since intake testing in early July.

It seems likely that the Giants won’t play any games for a little while, but that’s obviously not the biggest concern right now. Hopefully whoever tested positive is doing OK, as is everyone they came into contact with.