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Friday BP: Who are the Giants starting pitchers?

Did Drew Smyly earn a spot in the rotation on Thursday?

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Hello and happy Friday.

We know who will start for the San Francisco Giants in the rest of their series against the San Diego Padres: Johnny Cueto, Kevin Gausman, and Logan Webb. We also know that those three are staying in the rotation, because they’ve been the Giants best starters.

But what do we know beyond that?

Nothing. Tyler Anderson and Trevor Cahill have been the starters in the injured absence of Jeff Samardzija and Drew Smyly. Neither Anderson nor Cahill has been dynamic, but each has been fine.

Smyly returned on Thursday and piggybacked on Cahill’s start. He did substantially better than Cahill. It would seem like it booked him a spot in the rotation, but Gabe Kapler stopped short of saying so.

And then there’s Samardzija, who I can’t make heads or tails of, and won’t be able to until we see how he looks post-injury.

So I ask you: what will the Giants rotation look like for the final few weeks of the season?

Did Barry Bonds hit a home run today?

Absolutely he did.

September 11, 1996: Against the St. Louis Cardinals, Bonds a pair of 2-run home runs. A 1st inning blast off of Danny Jackson scored Bill Mueller and gave the Giants a 2-0 lead. An 8th inning shot off of Alan Benes also scored Mueller, and gave the Giants a 4-2 lead, which was the final score. They were his 38th and 39th homers of the year.

September 11, 2000: Against the Houston Astros, Bonds hit a 2-run home run in the 9th inning off of Octavio Dotel, scoring Bill Mueller. It tied the game 7-7, and the Giants would win 8-7 in 10 innings. It was his 45th homer of the year.

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Have a wonderful Friday, everyone.