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Thursday BP: Hunter Pence is the Giants Roberto Clemente nominee

He may not be on the Giants anymore, but his presence is still felt.

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San Francisco Giants v New York Mets Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Hello and happy Thursday.

Hunter Pence’s second stint with the San Francisco Giants may not gave gone well on the field, but it went well off the field, as it always seems to. Even though Pence has been designated for assignment, he’s still the Giants nominee for the Roberto Clemente Award, which honors philanthropists and humanitarians in baseball.

And yes, I know this news is a week old, but I forgot to talk about it a week ago, so here we are.

A forever Giant, to be sure.

Did Barry Bonds hit a home run today?


September 10, 1997: Against the St. Louis Cardinals, Bonds hit a 2-run home run in the 1st inning off of Rigo Beltran, scoring Darryl Hamilton. It gave the Giants a 2-0 lead, and they would win 7-6. It was his 33rd homer of the year.

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Have a wonderful Thursday, one and all.