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Mike Yastrzemski: ‘This isn’t just affecting one community, it’s affecting our country’

San Francisco’s best player had some powerful words the day after the Giants and Dodgers protested.

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Oakland Athletics v San Francisco Giants Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers didn’t play their scheduled game on Wednesday night. They joined four other MLB teams, the entirety of the NBA and WNBA, and the bulk of MLS in choosing not to play, as a sign of protest against the police shooting of Jacob Blake — a Black man from Kenosha, Wisconsin — on Sunday.

The Giants didn’t handle media relations tremendously well immediately following the decision. Only one member of the organization was made available to the media Wednesday night: manager Gabe Kapler, who tried to walk the tightrope given to him as the lone voice of a team comprised of dozens of people who likely had dozens of different viewpoints.

The Dodgers, by comparison, had a media session with manager Dave Roberts, and stars Mookie Betts, Kenley Jansen, and Clayton Kershaw.

It seems as though the Dodgers were the first to make the decision not to play, and the Giants followed their lead. But on Thursday morning, ahead of a doubleheader between the teams, Mike Yastrzemski spoke with the media. Yaz — who has become not just the Giants best player, but perhaps their biggest leader — described why postponing the game was important, and why we need to focus more on systemic oppression in America.

That’s very well said by Yastrzemski, and hopefully portends further action from the Giants, both as an organization and as a collection of individuals.

This week has been yet another reminder that there are much more important and meaningful things than sports.