Why the next closer for the Giants should be Jeff Samardzija

Shark. That's the nickname of a closer. And we like it because Samardzija doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.

There are better reasons to make the Shark the closer:

  1. He throws hard and will throw harder out of the pen
  2. There's not enough time for him to get back into starter's shape and throw 5+ innings
  3. He's not been good recently as a starter
  4. His mentality and football background SCREAMS Closer
  5. It's the most effective way for the Giants to get any remaining value out of his 5 year/$90M contract
  6. The Giants need bullpen help more than rotation help
  7. Prevents Giants from needing to trade for bullpen help
  8. Could be a renaissance career move for Shark as he re-enters free agency
Smyly should probably go to the bullpen for similar reasons but not close; Smyly is not the name of a closer, he's your long relief guy or opener. No one is scared of a Smyly. Sharks though, they're scary.

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