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Giants have the decency to get blown out early while getting swept

The Athletics had it the whole way.

MLB: Oakland Athletics at San Francisco Giants
This was not caught.
Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

After two nights of disastrous, soul-demolishing, unforgivably, monstrously stupid blown saves, the Giants bestowed a gift upon all non-Oakland Athletics fans by having the good manners and courtesy to lose the third and final game of the Bay Bridge Series via good old fashioned blowout.

The sweep concluded with Sunday’s 15-3 Oakland win, and it was never really that close.

The Giants, as is their gentlepersonly nature, had the grace to make it respectable through four innings, but the A’s tipped their cap to the 2-2 score and unloaded a series of tape measure shots en route to putting up a hilariously crooked number of nine runs in the top of the fifth.

Even more graciously, only three of the game’s earned runs were attributed to Giants starter Logan Webb, who looked decent in his 4.1 innings of work. Wandy Peralta coughed up five runs without recording an out, and Dereck Rodriguez gave up another five earned and went 1.2 innings.

Beginning to think the bullpen might be a problem.

Far and away the highlight of the game was Mike Yastrzemski’s no-look game-tying single in the third inning. He cued one off the end of the bad and looked straight up, thinking it was an around-the-plate pop fly. At the same time he swung, Brandon Crawford had broken for third base, juking the Oakland defense into ALSO breaking for third, and Yaz’s wayward ball went right through the freshly-made hole and dunked into shallow left. It was beautiful and absurd in all the ways the rest of this series wasn’t.

Brandon Belt, getting the side-eye start in the lineup at the cleanup position, had a solo home run in the second inning, which tied the game at that point! Neat! Take THAT, Belt doubters!

Donovan Solano went hitless in five at-bats, striking out twice and grounding out with the bases loaded to end the game, bringing his 17-game hitting streak to an unceremonious end.

Also coming to an unceremonious end: the Bay Bridge Series. Let us never speak of it again.