Adjustments are Needed

There are some things that this Giants team needs to figure out.

The Giants have had their fair share of interesting events this season. The bullpen has performed less than admirably. The offense has been weird. The defense awful. Inconsistency seems to be the hallmark of this team, in the fashion where one or two positives or instances of great execution always seem to be balanced out by twice their weight in inexcusable blunders, mistakes, or poor execution. There are some adjustments that, clearly, need to be made.

But one of them that could potentially stabilize some of the aformentioned is the decision making in the dugout.

Now I realize this is likely an overreaction considering the events of the previous two games against the A's. But, I don't think it is necessarily an overreaction to say that Gabe Kapler and the Giants coaching staff have not been off to a hot start.

Trevor Gott had a rough night in the series opener against the A's, to put it bluntly. He struggled with his command, didn't execute his breaking pitches effectively. He gave up some hits. Tyler Rogers came in and looked a tad rocky but got out of it. The Giants ended up losing, due to a rough outing. Ok. Frustrating, but it happens sometimes.

Trevor Gott came in again tonight for redemption. He threw one pitch and game up a solo home run to the A's Sean Murphy, on a fastball he left at the belt and over the middle of the plate. He struggled with his command, again, and let some runners on (excusing a poor read by Hunter Pence in right field).

This is where with a two run lead, the redemption tour must end. Trevor Gott needs to be removed from the game. Left handed power hitter coming up, lefty getting loose in the bullpen to face him. Gabe Kapler leaves him in there.

Just like Gabe Kapler went with Andrew Triggs in the last game of the series against Texas. Just like he left Tyler Rogers in there to face A.J. Pollock for the second day in a row in a high leverage situation when he had struggled in days prior. Just like he didn't when Kevin Gausman was dealing in Los Angeles. And these are only the questionable pitching decisions I am referencing. Need I delve into the odd moves with the lineups and defensive substitutions?

If a team is bad, whatever. Theres only so much you can do to improve that. However, it only digs the hole deeper if the managing is bad. All of what I noted here was rather obvious and controllable. All of what I noted here was a repeat occurence and cost the Giants a game. And with a team as talented as the Giants, you need as many wins as you can squeeze out of the controllable aspects of baseball.

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