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Saturday BP: Well, let’s not do that again

The Bay Bridge Series opener did not go well. Here’s hoping Saturday’s game improves things somewhat.

MLB: Oakland Athletics at San Francisco Giants John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

If you want to go wallow in some extreme unpleasantness, go ahead and check out last night’s game recap.

Let’s talk about some pleasant things in today’s open thread, shall we? It’s probably a better way to spend the time before the second game of this already-extremely-cursed Bay Bridge Series gets going this afternoon.

You know what’s awesome? Competitive marble racing. Jelle’s Marble Runs (not pronounced anywhere like you’d think it based on the spelling) is approaching the end of its annual Marble League marblelympics, and it’s about the most compelling thing you can watch on YouTube.

Here’s one of the most recent events: The high jump!

Yes, I’m spending the lede of this baseball daily thread by talking about elaborately-crafted competitive marble racing. If you don’t understand why, I’m very glad you missed last night’s game.

Did Barry Bonds hit a home run today?

He did.

August 15, 2007: During a 6-3 loss on the road, Bonds hit career home run No. 759 against the Braves, the team synonymous with the previous all-time home run king, Hank Aaron.

Here’s a shaky fan cam of the home run. Please enjoy the guy yelling “YEAH!” when he momentarily though the outfielder caught a home run that landed in the third row of the bleachers.

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Let’s have a better Saturday after having stayed up late-ish for no real reason on Friday, huh?