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‘Two more’ members of the Giants organization have the coronavirus

The total of positive tests is now up to four.

San Francisco Giants Summer Workouts Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The San Francisco Giants have two more cases of the coronavirus. The team announced the news on Monday, though they declined to list the names of the people, and declined to even specify if they are players.

This brings the organizational total of known coronavirus cases to four. The first case was outfield prospect Hunter Bishop, who tested positive prior to the team announcing the player pool, and was thus omitted (he’s expected to join the pool when he has made a full recovery).

Thursday’s intake screenings revealed that pitcher Luis Madero, a non-roster invitee, had also tested positive. As of Monday morning, the team was awaiting their results from Saturday’s second screening. It’s unknown if the two new cases came from Saturday’s screening, or delayed results to the Thursday tests.

For now, the Giants are keeping the names anonymous, though that may not last for long. With games scheduled to start so soon, and with select media members present at Summer Camp, roster omissions will likely be spotted eventually. So if the two new organizational members are players or coaches, it will likely become public.

This all comes on the heels of other organizations not getting their test results back in a timely fashion, and having to cancel workouts. And that’s with the season scheduled to get started in just over two weeks.

If you’re feeling pessimistic, I’m not going to stop you. In fact, I think I’ll join you.

It bears repeating that the baseball ramifications are not very important here. Let’s all just hope that the two new confirmed cases — as well as Bishop and Madero — are okay, and make a full recovery without infecting anyone else.