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7/28 Gamethread: Giants vs. Padres

Jeff Samardzija vs. Zach Davies.

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Arizona Diamondbacks v San Francisco Giants Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

A home opener doesn’t feel quite the same when there aren’t fans, and it really doesn’t feel quite the same when the season feels as though it’s on the verge of being canceled. Again.

But it’s still the home opener, which means it’s the home opener at one of the most beautiful places in the history of sports architecture. Yes, it’s the opener for the artist formerly known as Pac Bell Park, the artist formerly known as SBC Park, and the artist formerly known as AT&T Park: Oracle Park.

Game #5

Who: San Francisco Giants (2-2) vs. San Diego Padres (3-1)
Where: Oracle Park, San Francisco, California
When: 6:45 p.m. PT
Regional broadcast: NBC Sports Bay Area (available through fuboTV)
National broadcast: None
Radio: KNBR 680 AM/104.5 FM


The only player who didn’t appear for the Giants in their four-game series against the Los Angeles Dodgers takes the mound tonight, for a lineup that’s throwing six left-handed bats at a right-handed pitcher. Jaylin Davis gets his second start against a righty this year.

All stats are from this season.

  1. LF — Mike Yastrzemski (L) — .286/.412/.357 — 123 OPS+
  2. 1B — Pablo Sandoval (S) — .250/.300/.250 — 62 OPS+
  3. 3B — Wilmer Flores (R) — .294/.294/.471 — 116 OPS+
  4. DH — Alex Dickerson (L) — .250/.250/.250 — 44 wRC+
  5. C — Tyler Heineman (S) — .444/.545/.444 — 188 OPS+
  6. SS — Brandon Crawford (L) — .100/.100/.100 — -42 OPS+
  7. RF — Jaylin Davis (R) — .222/.222/.556 — 115 OPS+
  8. LF — Joe McCarthy (L) — .000/.000/.000 — -100 OPS+
  9. 2B — Mauricio Dubon (R) — .143/.143/.143 — -18 OPS+
    RHP — Jeff Samardzija — N/A

And here’s who the Giants are up against.

  1. SS — Fernando Tatis Jr. (R) — .333/.444/.600 — 197 OPS+
  2. CF — Trent Grisham (L) — .286/.412/.500 — 161 OPS+
  3. 3B — Manny Machado (R) — .214/.353/.429 — 123 OPS+
  4. LF — Tommy Pham (R) — .154/.353/.154 — 52 OPS+
  5. 1B — Eric Hosmer (L) — .667/.750/1.500 — 528 OPS+
  6. 2B — Jurickson Profar (S) — .091/.375/.091 — 42 OPS+
  7. RF — Wil Myers (R) — .167/.412/.500 — 161 OPS+
  8. C — Francisco Mejía (S) — .000/.200/.000 — -37 OPS+
  9. DH — Josh Naylor (L) — .000/.000/.000 — -100 OPS+
    RHP Zach Davies — N/A


Baseball, for now: The Giants and Padres are playing as though baseball’s plan is working swimmingly. But on the other side of the country, the Miami Marlins have had a coronavirus outbreak that has infected nearly 20 members of the team, and they won’t be playing again this week.

If there’s any good news, it’s that the latest round of coronavirus testing in the league resulted in zero positive tests from the other 29 teams.

Higher walls: The Giants moved in the fences over the offseason, and that won’t be changing this year. But one thing they retooled on the fly is the height of the fences. After the exhibition game last week, the Giants added three feet to the center field fence to increase visibility for batters.

Slater is available: Austin Slater, who has been dealing with hip soreness after a collision with the left field wall, is available today.

Enjoy the baseball, everyone!