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Multiple Giants take a knee during the national anthem

Jaylin Davis and Gabe Kapler were among the Giants to kneel prior to Monday’s game.

MLB: Exhibition-San Francisco Giants at Oakland Athletics Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

Multiple members of the San Francisco Giants took a knee during the national anthem on Monday night, prior to the team’s exhibition game against the Oakland A’s.

The broadcast didn’t show the entire team, so it’s unknown how many people on the Giants side opted to take a knee. Cameras did show outfielders Jaylin Davis, Mike Yastrzemski, and Austin Slater, as well as manager Gabe Kapler and first base coach Antoan Richardson. Shortstop Brandon Crawford was seen standing between Davis and Richardson, with one hand on each person’s shoulder.

Kapler apparently discussed the anthem with the team prior to the game, stressing that he supported everyone’s decision.

The Giants have been vocal in the past few months about the fight against systemic oppression. Numerous players have released statements in support of Black Lives Matter. Davis opened up about the racial discrimination that he faced growing up in America. President of baseball operations Farhan Zaidi pulled no punches in calling out a Scottsdale city council member for abhorrent racist comments. Kapler posted a lengthy statement on social media outlining ways that he intends to enact positive change. The team as a whole released a statement following the killing of George Floyd.

We’ll see if the Giants continue to take a stance through peaceful kneeling, or if it was a one-time show of solidarity.