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Gamethread: Giants vs. Phillies, July 24, 1993

Dave Burba vs. Ben Rivera.

SF Giants v SD Padres Photo by David Madison/Getty Images

Due to the coronavirus outbreak suspending the 2020 MLB season, we’re rewatching memorable San Francisco Giants games on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday nights at 6 p.m. PT, with a gamethread for each.

There will be a live San Francisco Giants baseball game on Monday night, so this marks the end of the road for our rewatches. Thank you to everyone who watched and joined the gamethreads.

Today we’re headed back to the summer of 1993, for a July 24 game between the Giants and Phillies. They are two of the elite teams in MLB, with the Giants sporting a record of 65-33, and the Phillies standing at 62-36.

They meet at Candlestick Park for a fun game.

The Giants are sending right-hander Dave Burba to the mound. It’s Burba’s second season with the Giants, and fourth overall. He would go on to finish the year with a 10-3 record, a 4.25 ERA, a 4.31 FIP, and 88 strikeouts in 95.1 innings. He was primarily a reliever, with this being one of just five starts he made on the year.

The Phillies are turning to right-hander Ben Rivera, in his second MLB season. He would finish the year with a 13-9 record, a 5.02 ERA, a 4.43 FIP, and 123 strikeouts in 163 innings.

We’re starting this rewatch at the same time as all the other ones: 6 p.m. PT. The video is embedded at the bottom of the article, or you can find it at this link, or you can YouTube search “Giants Phillies July 24 1993” and click the third link.

Here’s Jim Fregosi’s road lineup:

  1. Lenny Dykstra — CF
  2. Mariano Duncan — 2B
  3. Ricky Jordan — 1B
  4. Dave Hollins — 3B
  5. Darren Daulton — C
  6. Milt Thompson — LF
  7. Wes Chamberlain — RF
  8. Kim Batiste — SS
  9. Ben Rivera — P

And Dusty Baker’s squad:

  1. Darren Lewis — CF
  2. Robby Thompson — 2B
  3. Will Clark — 1B
  4. Matt Williams — 3B
  5. Barry Bonds — LF
  6. Dave Martinez — RF
  7. Royce Clayton — SS
  8. Kirt Manwaring — C
  9. Dave Burba — P