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Dreams of Yasiel Puig are dead, for now


San Francisco Giants v Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

After months of speculation, it turns out that Yasiel Puig will not be signing with the San Francisco Giants. The outfielder — who is either one of the most hated rivals or one of the most lovable former Los Angeles Dodgers depending on your outlook — is signing with the Atlanta Braves.

The signing was first reported by MLB’s Mark Feinsand.

Puig had been rumored to be in discussions with the Giants at numerous times during the offseason, a few more times during Spring Training, and even once or twice during the coronavirus-sponsored season suspension.

This angered many Giants fans, but also tickled many of them. I was firmly in the latter category, for two reasons. First, I enjoy watching Puig play baseball, and think he gets a negative rep largely because he has the audacity to enjoy the sport he plays. And second, can you imagine how upset Dodgers fans would be? My goodness it would be absolutely beautiful.

But for now, the dream is dead. Farhan Zaidi likes to churn, so you can expect roughly 250 players to wear Giants jerseys between now and 2022, which means Puig may eventually don the black and orange. And I will support it if and when it happens.

Until then, he’ll be in Atlanta, hanging out with former Giants Will Smith, Mark Melancon, Adam Duvall, Yangervis Solarte, and Charlie Culberson. And you, faithful Giants fan, are either shedding a tear for what could have been, or dancing in celebration that it didn’t transpire.

Whether or not you wanted Puig, I think we can all agree he would have made the team a little bit more watchable. But alas.