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BreakingT’s Will Clark shirt benefits Campaign Zero

A Will the Thrill shirt with proceeds that fight police brutality? Say no more.

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There’s a chance that you’ll be watching live San Francisco Giants baseball sometime in July. MLB and the Players Association remain far apart in labor talks, but, at the very least, it seems likely that we’ll get a 48-game season and get to watch the Giants for a few weeks this summer.

If you’re anything like me, you like to wear some Giants gear when watching Giants games, even if you’re just sitting on your couch and no one can see you.

Last week, BreakingT released a new Giants shirt honoring Will Clark and his spectacular 1989 season. During that year, “The Thrill” hit .333/.407/.546, while making the All-Star team, winning the Silver Slugger Award, finishing runner-up to teammate Kevin Mitchell for MVP, and leading the Giants to the National League pennant.

But even better than the shirt are the initiatives behind it. BreakingT is donating a portion of all of their June proceeds to Campaign Zero, an organization working towards ending police violence. BreakingT is also matching customer donations to the organization up to $25,000.

So you can buy a cool shirt, and support a very important cause. To buy the shirt (or a hoodie), click here.

In addition to financial contributions to Campaign Zero, the merchandise company is also establishing the BreakingT Mentorship program for Black students, entrepreneurs, artists and businesses. You can find more information about that program here.

Good on BreakingT for these initiatives, and good on Will Clark for being an amazing baseball player who deserves to be immortalized in a way that can be worn. He was pretty damn good, you know ...