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Tuesday BP: Oracle Park, but with Legos

This creation is amazing.

Baltimore Orioles v San Francisco Giants Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Hello and happy Tuesday. The San Francisco Giants season is approaching, which means a lot of people are getting the itch for baseball.

Including one amazing fan who is getting creative and artistic with it. Kavin Mistry went on Twitter to post pictures of Oracle Park, remade with Legos.

Sadly, this is probably the closest thing a fan will get to Oracle Park (or Legoland) this year. But it’s incredible. Way to go, Kevin.

Did Barry Bonds hit a home run today?

June 30, 1994: Against the Montreal Expos, Bonds hit a solo home run in the 8th inning off of Jeff Fassero. It cut the Giants deficit to 7-2, and they would lose 7-3. It was his 21st homer of the year.

June 30, 1995: Against the San Diego Padres, Bonds hit 2 home runs. A solo home run in the 1st inning off of Joey Hamilton gave the Giants a 1-0 lead. A walk-off 3-run blast in the 9th inning off of Trevor Hoffman scored Darren Lewis and John Patterson and gave the Giants a 7-6 win. They were his 12th and 13th homers of the year.

June 30, 2004: Against the Los Angeles Dodgers, Bonds hit a 3-run home run in the 3rd inning off of Hideo Nomo, scoring Ray Durham and J.T. Snow. It gave the Giants a 4-0 lead, and they would win 7-1 (Beat LA). It was his 20th homer of the year.

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I hope you enjoy your Tuesday!