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A new and improved ‘Let Pablo Pitch’ shirt emerges

BreakingT has the gear to get you ready for a season that just might happen.

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San Francisco Giants baseball is almost back. Barring any hiccups (which is admittedly a very tall task), teams will report for their second Spring Training on July 1, and get the season underway about three weeks later.

There are a lot of things for Giants fans to look forward to, because baseball is beautiful and wonderful, even in a truncated season in which MLB seems hell bent on making you think baseball is neither beautiful nor wonderful.

It’s good to be excited, even if you’re skeptical. There are Buster Posey opposite-field singles, and Brandon Belt home runs, and Brandon Crawford defensive wizardry, and Tyler Rogers strikeouts to eagerly await.

But I find myself most looking forward to the weirdness. Baseball — despite being a traditional sport, run by a lot of people who want it to be traditional and predictable — always has weirdness.

And I look forward to that weirdness, be it in the form Hunter Pence hitting the ball three times in one swing, Johnny Cueto shimmying so much that he confuses himself, or Pablo Sandoval jogging out to the mound to try his hand at pitching.

Sandoval has now pitched in two straight seasons, and has yet to allow a run, or even a hit. If Gabe Kapler wants to endear himself to the Giants fanbase, he’d be wise to make it three straight seasons. And if you want a new shirt for a July Opening Day, well we’ve got just the thing for you. A remake of an old classic, because we all want to see Sandoval on the mound.