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Ahh, great, more MLB ‘news’

Guess what? The two sides still aren’t in agreement!

MLB: AUG 12 Astros at Giants Photo by John Hefti/Icon Sportswire/Corbis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Well, here we go again. Or something.

On Wednesday, we got to witness a great fiasco. It started with MLB commissioner Rob Manfred and players union chief Tony Clark meeting; briefly featured reports of an agreement between MLB and the Players Association; and ended with the two sides still far apart, reinforcing the knowledge that the two sides hate each other more than the protagonist and their in-laws in a bad romcom.

So naturally on Thursday, we were gifted some new news, which is basically the same as the old news. Which is to say, the sides remain far apart and angry at each other.

Surprise, surprise.

With both sides seemingly claiming that the other one led them on, MLB and the Players Association once again submitted proposals. And they are, once again, far apart.

It would seem that the primary differences at this point is the number of games proposed (60 by MLB, 70 by the PA).

And ahh, yes, the owners aren’t too pleased with that counterpropsal, seemingly believing that Manfred and Clark had reached an agreement:

But the players aren’t stoked either, and released a statement showing displeasure at reports that they had agreed to the ideas the owners had put forth.

Manfred also spoke up, and stated that the Players Association’s 70-game proposal isn’t feasible given the fears of a second wave of coronavirus in the fall. That’s a fair point in a vacuum, but loses legitimacy when you consider that an agreement could have been reached a long time ago had the owners not been greedy.

And so we end this pessimistic and snarky article with the questionable words of a commissioner who seems wildly uninterested in the sport we’ve entrusted him with.

Le sigh.