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Fangraphs updated prospect rankings: Patrick Bailey cracks the Giants top 5

Six of San Francisco’s seven draft picks made the team’s top prospects list.

NCAA BASEBALL: JUN 02 Div 1 Championship Greenville Regional - East Carolina v North Carolina State Photo by Greg Thompson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

With the 2020 MLB Draft officially in the rearview mirror, it’s time to start slotting the newest members of the San Francisco Giants organization into their spots.

The Giants added seven prospects in the abbreviated draft, and, as always, those players helped bolster the team’s up and coming farm system.

Fangraphs has updated their top prospects list, which means we get to see how the new Giants stack up. Six of the seven drafted players cracked the Giants top prospect list, which Fangraphs defines as players with a future value (FV) of 35+ or higher.

Not surprisingly, the new prospects didn’t make the list in the same order that they were drafted in.

The Giants first-round pick (13 overall) — switch-hitting catcher Patrick Bailey from North Carolina State — immediately slots in at 5 on the team’s list, with a FV of 45+ and an estimated time of arrival (ETA) of 2022. The only prospects ahead of him are catcher Joey Bart (60 FV, 2021 ETA), shortstop Marco Luciano (55 FV, 2023 ETA), outfielder Heliot Ramos (50 FV, 2022 ETA), and outfielder Hunter Bishop (45+ FV, 2023 ETA).

Next up is the Giants third pick of the draft, who was taken in the compensation round (67 overall): left-handed pitcher Nick Swiney, also from North Carolina State. Swiney sits at 16 on the list, with an FV of 40+ and an ETA of 2023. He’s sandwiched between right-handers Sean Hjelle and Melvin Adon.

The third new prospect on the list is, somewhat surprisingly, the sixth player the Giants drafted: right-handed pitcher R.J. Dabovich from Arizona State, who was taken in the fourth round (114 overall). Dabovich is ranked at 21 in the system, with an FV of 40 and an ETA of 2023. He gets slotted between fellow right-handers Blake Rivera and Kai-Wei Teng.

Next up is the Giants second-round pick (49 overall), San Diego State third baseman and right-handed pitcher Casey Schmitt. Fangraphs sees him as number 23 in the farm. Like Dabovich, Schmitt has a FV of 40, but he has an ETA of 2024. He’s slotted between Teng and right-handed pitcher Camilo Doval.

Fifth on the list of newcomers is the player that Giants fans might be most excited about: third-round pick (85 overall) Kyle Harrison, a left-handed pitcher from De La Salle High School in Concord, CA. Harrison slots in at 25 in the system, with a FV of 40 and an ETA of 2025. He’s ranked between Doval and catcher Ricardo Genoves.

Rounding out the new members on the prospect list is Dallas Baptist shortstop Jimmy Glowenke, whom the Giants picked in the compensation round (68 overall). Glowenke comes in at 39 in the system, with an FV of 35+ and an ETA of 2024. He finds himself in between first baseman Logan Wyatt and right-handed pitcher Raffi Vizcaino.

While these six players certainly make the Giants farm stronger, Fangraphs sees the team taking a small step backwards relative to their competition. Prior to the draft, the Giants were ranked 14 among farm systems, but are now slotted at 16. But this is less about the Giants not drafting well, and more about the two teams that leapfrogged San Francisco — the Baltimore Orioles and Toronto Blue Jays — having top-five picks in the draft.

Also of note: With a few new draftees making Fangraphs’ list of the top 100 prospects in baseball, Ramos moved to 71 on the list, down from 68. Bart (10) and Luciano (24) held their spots, ahead of everyone taken in this year’s draft.